Dot Com Pho – Congee and Noodle Edition

This week we didn’t have Pho and we didn’t have dim sum. Instead, we had Congee and Noodles at the Congee Noodle House in Vancouver. Gary Ng chose this location at last week’s Dot Com Reunion Edition and overall, we were pretty pleased with the food. I was really surprised at how many people actually showed up. They just kept coming as we tried desperately to add chairs to an ever shrinking round table. This week’s event featured new friends including Joshua Denney, Isabella Mori and Vancouver’s radio darling, Mr. Buzz Bishop. I hope they weren’t too traumatized by us LIVE as most people only get 10 minutes doses of us in our Dot Com Pho Episodes.

Old friends attending this week include Michael Kwan, Gary Ng, Tyler Ingram, Leo Chiang, Greg Morgan and 2012 London Olympics hopeful, Kelly Frankson. Topics this week feature a bid for a 2010 Olympic Sized Dot Com Pho, self promotion with Gary Ng, me trying to be Chinese, and of course, our gadget of the week. 

Next week, we’ll be taking a break to give Michael Kwan a Dot Com RockBand send off as he takes on a new blogging niche on Oiled Cowboys in Edmonton. We felt that it would be safer than renting scooters or riding segways again. Don’t forget to add me to twitter so that you can keep up to date on the latest Dot Com Pho Developments. See you at the next one!