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Dot Com Pho – The Sort of Cinematic Edition

Dot Com Pho has always been a low budget, low production value weekly mish mash of the dumb things that we do while eating Vietnamese Noodles. While we’ve always talked about doing a proper higher production value podcast or show, the actual effort to make 

Dot Com Pho After Hours – Fast and Furious Edition

This week you get a two for one deal. An After Hours Double Feature, extended cut if you will. Since there simply wasn’t enough footage last week with just Leo Chiang and me at Dot Com Turk After Hours, we decided to just film what 

Dot Com Pho After Hours – The Fender Bender Edition

Although there were no car accidents, yours truly did go on a food bender and scarfed down a breakfast that the owner of Fenders Restaurant thought could take me down. He said that men larger than I could not finish the meal he recommended. He 

Dot Com Pho After Hours Heads to Cloverdale

Sometimes we end up in the middle of nowhere by accident and sometimes on purpose. Whether it’s because you had a flat tire, or run out of gas, we always end up there sooner or later. Yesterday, we ended up there (as in nowhere) for 

Dot Com Pho After Hours – Double Feature Presentation

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been over a month since my last update. You see, I’ve been trapped in this world called the “Twitterverse”. If you’re following me, you’ll probably see that I’ve been quite active over there. In fact, most of the time, I’ve 

Dot Com Pho After Hours – The Pilot!

This week’s Dot Com Pho was held at Happy Pho. Though it was a small crowd, we still managed to have Ed Lau not show up late. Greg Morgan traded places with him for the last spot. If this was amazing race, Greg would have