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I tend to blog a lot on some things and not a lot on others. I’ve taken my most “Epic Blogging Subjects” and put them all in a place where you can easily access them. Or is it a place where I can easily access them? At any rate, enjoy!

The Massive Food Challenge Series

Even before the daring feats of Travel Channel’s Adam Richman in Man vs Food, I’ve been kind of a massive eater in my own right. Though I never want to be a competitive eater, I am known to dabble. Here are the challenges and gargantuan meals that I’ve done thus far…

The Fine (or Not So Fine) Dining Series

I love food and it shows in many of my posts (especially the ones above). Here are some of my restaurant experiences…

The Isagenix Cleanse Series

Back in September of 2006, I decided that the “Dot Com Life” was making me tubby. Never in my recent life had I called myself fat. To put things back in order, I did a program that had me dropping over 11 pounds in 11 days. Here is that series of posts from first day to final weigh in. Lots of fun gruesome starving details. Enjoy!

I’ll be sure to add more exciting epic bloggings as I pump out the posts so stay tuned!