The Dot Com Scooter Gang Aftermath

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Yesterday was a blast! Dot Com Scooter Gang was a complete success (with some FAIL) all at the same time. On one hand, everyone had a blast terrorizing and honking at the citizens of Vancouver. On the other hand, Michael Kwan the Internet Famous Segway Crasher, bailed once again and we now add Scooter Crasher to his list of nicknames in addition to Kwanye. Thankfully, Scooter was unscathed and was able to stay away from any Kwan Carnage though there were a few other close calls besides the one in the video.

Of course, no Dot Com Adventure would be complete without John Chow doing something mischievious as he tears up a gravel parking lot doing scooter burn outs. Gary Ng tries to prove that the iPhone 3G is actually useful for something and Carl Nelson takes us down to the Barefoot Kitchen for some authentic Japanese fast food. It's all right here in the first ever Dot Com Scooter Gang Video...

If you liked the video, definitely head on over to YouTube and give it a rating. You might make Kwan "Internet Famous".

Was It The Helmet?

I have to hand it to Kwanye. By the time the day was over, he was ripping the throttle wide open instead of putting around like granny on a mobility scooter. His cornering and handling was also 100% improved over earlier in the day. No longer was he causing women to scream because it looked like he was bailing into the cars in the turning lane from the curb at Spanish Banks, or rubbing up against inanimate objects with his body parts, leading to required first aid assistance. It was like he had changed from Scooter Crashing Kwanye into Somewhat Sketchy Kwanye. I'd ride with Somewhat Sketchy Kwanye any day at a safe distance. I'm still cracking up over how he tried to keep a straight face and tried to hide the gaping hole in his jeans as he explained to CycleBC how he didn't know how the huge scratches got on his scooter.

Don't forget to catch up with us again at Dot Com Pho. We'll be heading down to the Congee Noodle House this Saturday. Watch for complete details posted on Friday or put me on your Twitter Hot List for up to the minute Dot Com Pho updates.

Next week, we'll be doing our first Dot Com RockBand. Stay tuned as Michael Kwan tries to redeem himself with the soothing sounds of Timmay and the Lords of the Underworld. I am sure that EPIC Hilarity will be on the menu in some shape or form.

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  • ken

    Dude a scooter gang
    ya gunna go terrorize a day care center some where lol

    • You'd be scared too if you had Michael Kwan riding with you.

      Stephens last blog post..Don’t Forget The Sunscreen…

      • ken

        haha probaly true,
        what's his old saying ride in front of me or behind me but never beside me lol
        dude you gotta rent ducati's

  • Aside from Kwanye's impeccable sense of balance on 2 wheels, did anyone even notice the contrasting disproportion giant size John Chow and his tiny scooter?

    His size and weight must be a real punishment to that poor scooter!

  • Lol, Kwanye needs to stay FAR away from anything that only has two wheels! Why weren't there any scooter wheelies?

    Dereks last blog post..100 Push Up Challenge :: Week 3 Recap

  • How do you manage to ruin everything you use, Kwan?

    • Jick

      That's what she said.

  • Pingback: it's K-Rad y0!()

  • Thankfully, Dot Com Rock Band will not require anything on two-wheels. I should be just fine... though the drum stool may cause some trouble. lol

    Michael Kwans last blog post..What’s Up Wednesdays and PhotoShop Contest Winners

    • Are you bringing yours? Or should I Scooter Out with mine and my sticks too? I've never fallen off mine, but I don't know if that would be the same for you 😉

      Stephens last blog post..MSI Wind U100 Sub-Notebook Review

      • I don't actually have a drum stool. I just use a chair. The instruments I have wouldn't be compatible either, because they're PS3.

        Michael Kwans last blog post..What’s Up Wednesdays and PhotoShop Contest Winners

        • How would a Drum Stool not be compatible with ANY version of RockBand? 😆

        • That's why I said that I don't have a stool. The guitar and drums I have wouldn't work with the 360.

          Michael Kwans last blog post..What’s Up Wednesdays and PhotoShop Contest Winners

        • You said that the instruments wouldn't be compatible "either" which pointed back to the stool/chair not being compatible as well. I was like...WTF? It's someting you sit on! LOL

          I do get that your extra PS3 stuff wouldn't be compatible, but didn't get that from this context because there was no mention of extra instruments, just me bringing my stool and my sticks.

          Stephens last blog post..MSI Wind U100 Sub-Notebook Review

  • Haha...awesome video Stephen!! I puked a little bit in my mouth during the roundabout part, but other than that sweet editing job.

    LOL @ CycleBC after the guy clearly knew that the scooter had been scraped up and damaged.

    iPhone in Canadas last blog post..PhantomSkinz iPhone 3G Clear Case Protection Review/Contest

    • Did it look like the tartar sauce on my Nanban Chicken? 😆

      Yeah, it was funny when Kwan was trying to tell them he thought they were there before. Clearly, the mark of Kwanye!

      Stephens last blog post..MSI Wind U100 Sub-Notebook Review