This Week’s Dot Com Pho Location – Congee Noodle House

It’s that time again! Like on Iron Chef, where a secret ingredient must be unveiled, this week, a secret location must be unveiled. OK, it’s not really as dramatic since the title of this post has the location. This week, we stay asian, we stay with noodles and rice, and we stay with plenty of MSG and “assorted meats” at the Congee Noodle House in Vancouver, BC!

This location is right in the middle of Vancouver with six transit stops within a one block radius right at the corner of Broadway and Main. There is parking in the back, but there are various side streets that you can stash your car away if you are driving. Otherwise, it’s metered parking along the street. Of course, Scooter has no problems parking anywhere, but if your ride is lowered like Kwanye’s, you’ll want to stay on the street as scraping may occur in the back. CycleBC, where we rented our scooters for Dot Com Scooter Gang is actually three blocks or so behind it.

Here’s a map to get you there…

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We’ll be meeting there at 12:30 PM for a delicious and cheap lunch along with the usual banter and hilarity that you know and love and expect from a stronger and reunified Dot Com Pho. Although I haven’t been to this place myself, iPhone Gary speaks highly of this location. Hopefully his taste buds are better than BCM Greg’s as Cuu Long wasn’t what it was played up to be. I have been to the one near Kingsway and Joyce called Congee Noodle King and left totally full for under seven bucks. That’s half what we spend at Pho with a way better MSG high!

As always, we welcome anyone to come to our Dot Com [fill in the blank].  Just twitter me or post a comment to let us know that you’re coming and we’ll save a seat for you. Be prepared to join in the fun as you’ll never know if you’ll become Internet Famous in one of our Dot Com Pho Episodes. See you on Saturday!