Vlog #2 – Speedy Drone Delivery Edition

Vlog #2 – Speedy Drone Delivery Edition

It’s time to crank out another Vlog which we’ll be calling Vlog #2. Since filming and uploading Vlog #1 I’m now back in Canada. But I also made my way to Atlanta, Georgia somewhere between and there so I’ll be discussing why I crave A&W whenever I leave the country on a plan.

Also, I’ve got a bunch of new toys to play with courtesy of Parrot of the drone variety. And I’ve made off like a bandit with coupons at Staples, picking myself up something I’ve wanted to have for a while.

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The Flying Drone

The Wheeled Drone

The Battery

The Camera Filming This

The Lens on the Camera

The Mic Grabbing the Audio

The Tripod Everything Is Attached to

Source: StephenFungDotNet YouTube Channel