Take Dot Com Pho Out of Richmond? Yes We Shall!

Two weeks ago, when we moved Dot Com Pho out of Richmond and brought it to Vancouver, we had no clue what we had started. We only wanted Pho to be more accessible to people by bringing it to a more central location in the lower mainland. As it would appear, we have somehow set in motion, the wheels of a Dot Com Pho Revolution.

This past weekend, we had another out of Richmond experience but came back to our Pho roots and tried a restaurant known as Pho Thai Hoa. This also marked the return of John Chow from his long hiatus at the boring Top Affiliate Challenge where he was kicked out for mischief. Based on the glowing posts from attendees like Michael Kwan, Leo Chiang, Tyler Ingram and myself, it would appear that Pho Thai Hoa is now our favourite Pho place. This was not only motivated by the far superior service and pho, but because of the central location to all Dot Com Pho attendees.

As we celebrated our potential new location, there were evil forces at work that would impede our march towards our liberation from Richmond. John Chow has tried to downplay the success of our move by posting a bitter response to our sweet victory. He continues to deny that Dot Com Pho has moved anywhere and has decreed that Dot Com Pho will still take place at Pho Lan this week, as he doesn’t want his five minute drive to Dot Com Pho interrupted. However, his whines will only grow more irritating and dissonant.

He says that we “peons” won’t be going anywhere and that we should pay him to be in his presence. Well I think the people have already spoken. Take Dot Com Pho out of Richmond? In the words of Cobra Commander, I say “Yes We Shall!”…

Although Pho Thai Hoa is an excellent location, we would still like to audition more places to see if we can make this regular gathering even more accessible. If you know of an excellent Pho establishment that can handle 10 – 20 rowdies every Saturday at around 12:30PM, that is easily accessible by transit, car and even scooter, please let me know either by posting a comment here or by twittering me.

I would also like to invite any restaurants or eateries that meet our criteria, and think that they can deal with us to contact me so that we can come check you out one of these Saturdays. All you have to do is put up with us for an afternoon, maybe give us some great food discounts (I’m Chinese. Have to ask.), and you might end up with a bunch of publicity from grateful local bloggers.

It’s time to “Give You Up” and “Let You Down” Richmond. Dot Com Pho in Vancouver? Yes we shall folks. Yes…we…shall! 😀