Dot Com Pho – The Insult [Ed] Edition…

The move out of Richmond has been a great success, attracting people who might otherwise not come to Dot Com Pho at all. For example, even the elusive Jeff Kee came out this week and we’ve had interest from “The Buzz” himself to attend, thanks to the more convenient locations that we’ve started choosing. Hopefully he’ll be done building his deck in time for the next one. Richmond is a scary place to drive and there’s really no good reason to go there anymore when Dot Com Pho can be had in a much safer, and more convenient, location. Not to mention, nobody lives there anymore…except John Chow.

Last week, we took that first step by heading out to the Pink Pearl Restaurant for a Dot Com Dim Sum. This week, we go back to our roots by checking out one of Vancouver’s best Pho places, Pho Thai Hoa. In attendance this week was John Chow, back from his daily whining about Nebraska, Michael Kwan, Leo Chiang, Greg Morgan, Jeff Kee, Tyler Ingram, Ray, and Bonnie Sainsbury.

Highlights of this weeks’ episode include a look at the spread at Pho Thai Hoa, a generous ribbing of Ed Lau, and we even get to see one of the first MSI Wind’s in Canada. Oh, and something about John Chow doing another giveaway with Market Leverage. Enjoy the Video!

See you all next week for another exciting episode of Dot Com [fill in the blank]. We don’t know where we’ll be, but it won’t be in Richmond that’s for sure! Stay tuned to this blog for our SECRET LOCATION or just follow me on Twitter.