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Dot Com Rock Band - Kwanye Farewell Tour

It's true. Michael Kwan, our favorite Segway Crashing and Scooter Wrecking friend has taken off to the land of the rising snow and City of Malls, Edmonton, Alberta. As mentioned at last week's Dot Com Congee Noodle House, he is there to pursue his new blogging niche of […]

Looking for a Seat? Why Not Have it Find You!

This is pretty cool. Wherever you go, your chair which follows you around via an RFID chip embedded into your library card. Unfortunately, I think that as the number of users increase, there might be chairs cutting other chairs off, or massive six chair pile […]

Don't Forget The Sunscreen...

It's been pretty sunny the last few days in Vancouver. Dot Com Scooter Gang was blessed with this awesome weather and it looks like this Saturday, Dot Com Pho will will also be blessed with glorious rays from above as we head on down to […]

My Top Five Commenters - What Are They Up To Today?

It's been a while since I've done one of these "recognize my commenters" types of posts. Today, I've decided to check on my top five of my top ten commenters noted in my sidebar to see what they're blogging about today. Here's what I found... Michael […]

Tomorrow's Secret Pho Location - Cambie Vietnamese Restaurant

Yes we shall, and it shall be done! Dot Com Pho is no longer a prisoner to Ricmond! We heard the cries of the people and we're now giving you a Pho that is closer to transit and more centrally located. No longer will you have […]

Take Dot Com Pho Out of Richmond? Yes We Shall!

Two weeks ago, when we moved Dot Com Pho out of Richmond and brought it to Vancouver, we had no clue what we had started. We only wanted Pho to be more accessible to people by bringing it to a more central location in the […]

Dot Com Pho - The Insult [Ed] Edition...

The move out of Richmond has been a great success, attracting people who might otherwise not come to Dot Com Pho at all. For example, even the elusive Jeff Kee came out this week and we've had interest from "The Buzz" himself to attend, thanks […]

If Matt Dances then What Does Matt's Girlfriend Do?

We all know that Ed Lau likes beautiful girls. But apparenlty, he likes dancing with dudes too. I've never seen Ed Lau so excited to dance with another guy. But apparently, that's what floats his boat and his boat was floated when Matt Harding came […]

This Week's Dot Com Pho Location Revealed!

It's time to move Dot Com Pho out of Richmond. This week, we're not only changing the geographical location, but we're changing the venue. We're going to be heading to the Pink Pearl Chinese Restaurant in Vancouver for some Dot Com Dim Sum. We'll be […]