Tomorrow’s Secret Dot Com Pho Location Is…


This little Pho place is situated near Kingsway and King Edward in Vancouver and is close to numerous transit stops along the way. This place gets a 3 out of five at Dinehere and was a winner in some Pho Down by dudes we don’t know. If it’s bad, blame Kwan.

Here are the details:

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If you are showing up tomorrow, make sure you Tweet Me to let me know that you’re coming so that I can reserve you a spot. Since we’re changing back to Dot Com Pho from Dot Com Dim Sum this week, we’ll see you there at 12:30. Since this is a new place, we might want to show up on time or a little early. Who knows. They might have this alter ego posse there that we’ll have to contend with like one of those alternate reality versions of Stargate 😆