And The Winner Is…

Back in January, I installed a brand new Top Comment Whore plugin. This was followed up by the Threaded Comments Plugin. With these new plugins, there was only one things left to do: A Contest! And thus, the Stephen Fung’s Top Comment Whore Contest was born.

The contest started with a bang as comment whore Michael Kwan took the early lead and went out strong. As a week passed, the Top Comment Whore General Classification changed as Michael was dethroned and a new Comment Whore, Nick Witkoski came from the back of the pack to take the lead. It seems that the pace set by young Nick would splinter the pack as even Michael could not bridge the gap, settling into a commanding second place. However, this contest doesn’t award second place. What were you thinking Michael?

Attack after attack, comment after comment, Nick turned up the screws, adding to his lead with every keystroke. Despite the best efforts of the rest of the whores, Nick whored himself into a commanding lead and is Stephen Fung’s first ever TOP COMMENT WHORE with over 110 POSTS! Sorry, forgot to take the screenshot before the post counter rolled over 🙁

Win This!

Nick Witkoski will take home the fabulous Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse 3000 provided by Futurelooks. When Nick finally gets the mouse in the mail, he will snap a picture with it so that I can use it for his victory interview. He’ll be answering some questions that I will make up that only a Top Comment Whore can answer. Once again, congratulations on an outstanding performance and please contact me with your details.

Thank you everyone for participating in this contest! It was a lot of fun to run and I really enjoyed getting to know everyone that comes to my space in the blogosphere. I hope that you guys continue to comment cuz you never know when the next contest will begin!