ReviewMe Launches a New Affiliate Program

ReviewMe (aff) finally took the wraps off their new affiliate program. The program pays you $25.00 US for every new advertiser you refer to ReviewMe who purchases a review that makes it to completion! What’s even better is that it doesn’t actually have to be a review on your blog. It can be on anyone’s blog, even mine.

They’ve even launched cool little buttons that change pricing as your blog gets more popular and more requested for reviews like the one above. In combination with the affiliate program, even if you never get a ReviewMe review request of your own, you can make $25.00 each time you make a completed referral to someone elses blog for a review. Everyone wins! Even the people that haven’t been getting reviews! I love programs that make it a win win. There are more details at their blog.

Just a reminder, this is also the last day for the Half Off Review Me promotion. Click here (aff) to sign up and I’ll do a great review for you like I did for Jay Profeit. Don’t forget to use the coupon code trial when you check out to cut my price in HALF! $30 bucks for a ReviewMe review from me? What a deal! Request those reviews (aff) today and lock in that price!