Win Something Useful This Month!

Well it’s another month, and my “Top Comment Whores” have been reset to ZERO. Time for a contest!

Win This!

This month, I’d like to reward the “Top Comment Whore” by giving him or her a shiny new Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse 3000. By competing for the top comment whore spots, you also get a free DIRECT LINK from my site to yours by staying in the TOP FIVE for the whole month. To top it off, the winner at the end of the month will be mentioned on my blog and if you have a blog of your own, I’ll be linking your blog in my winners post. How do you like them apples?

So you don’t need to review my blog. You don’t need to add me to your Technorati Favourites ,though that would be nice. Finally, you will win something totally useful that you use everyday! Heck, you’re using one right now!

So if you have any questions, post a comment šŸ˜‰

Contest starts…NOW! Goodluck!