Thank You Again February Sponsors!

It’s time to thank the sponsors that supported Stephen Fung DOT NET for the month of February and to figure out who stepped up and stuck around for March.


From Text Link Ads, I’d like to thank the following sponsors…

  • Online Tax Return – AKA H&R Block! They must be having some serious business seeing as Tax Season is here. If you’re freaking out about your tax return, and you don’t like talking to a software box, give these guys a try. They’ve been us since January and we thank you. It looks like they’ve renewed for March so we’ll be seeing them again this month!
  • Business Opportunity – The Business Opportunity people have also been advertising with us since January as well, and have decided that I’m worth it to empty their pockets out once again for March. Thanks for the renewal! Hope I keep sending you those business opportunities that keeps you coming back.
  • Promotional GiftBluefish Promotions is yet another one of our Alumni from January and they’re also back for March! The Promotional Gift business must be red hot and I thank you again for the renewal. If you’re looking for cool freebies to giveaway for your business, please go check them out! They have some very cool stuff!
  • NorthxEast – Net Business Blog – Although they were here for a short time, but not a long time, I still appreciate their business and I hope they got the results they were looking for. NorthXEast has a lot of very cool articles on making money on the web. Definitely some great reading material for the budding Dot Com Mogul. They’ll be with us for a few more days so make sure you give their link a click while they’re still around. Thanks again!

If you’d like to purchase a link on my blog, you can see my listing for current pricing. Don’t forget that I’m still offering a $100 Advertising Credit if you sign up through me.


ReviewMe had an extremely strong month thanks to a great Half Off Promotion. They also launched a new referral program to compete with PayPerPost’s ReviewMyPost program.

Sponsoring me for a ReviewMe post this month was Jay Profeit. Jay ordered up a review in February and only paid $30 bucks for it thanks to the Half Off Promotion. Since reviewing his blog, he’s made some drastic changes and it’s starting to look pretty good. If you liked the review of Jay Profeit’s Blog, order up a review of your own by clicking the ReviewMe Dude above. For $60 you’ll get a great review and probably a plug like Jay’s is getting right now 😉

Thanks again February Sponsors and Welcome March Sponsors! Hope to see more of you this month!