Shoot! Missed a Day…

I missed a post yesterday. Well, guess I need to make up for it so here goes with a few updates and meanderings…

RSS Feed Goes UP

100 readers! Wait A Sec…

So it looks like my RSS Feed has reached ONE HUNDRED readers. Usually readership goes down on the weekend, yet I managed to increase from 84 on Friday to 100 today. Hmm… Something must be up! Well, it appears that something anomalous did happen over the weekend.

Google Reader plays nice with Feedburner

Apparently Google did some soul searching and it appears that they have decided to let Feedburner count readers using their Google Reader Product. Before, Google didn’t release any statistics to Feedburner, so they couldn’t track the number of users using the Google Reader. Now that Google has decided to play nice, everyone using the Feedburner plugin will see a nice swell in readership. Feedburner is obviously very happy about this.Though it’s not as nice as when I picked up over 500 subscribers during a DIGG, I’ll take my 100 solid subscribers anyday. Thanks Everyone!

I’ve Got a ReviewMe Assignment

After Dot Com Pho today, I got an email from ReviewMe telling me that they’ve got an assignment for me.

ReviewMe Picks Me!

I haven’t gotten an assignment since I reviewed ReviewMe last year. I guess my little plug about their Half Off Reviews Sale got me noticed. Actually, I did get a ReviewMe request while I was in Las Vegas for CES, but I wasn’t able to respond. ReviewMe only gives you 48 hours to get the job done.

If you need a review, you better get in there. The offer will be expiring at the end of February and reviews on my blog are a damn good deal right now. I hope to have my ReviewMe post up and posted tomorrow.