Even Netmeetings Can Be Stressful

Despite the fact that no one could see me, and I couldn’t see them, my first time being on a panel of experts at the iBuypower DirectX 10 Webinar was pretty nerve racking. I wrote out my little speech about an hour before the start of the event and only got the rest of my DirectX 10 information the night before. I had been reading and catching up on the technology for a few days, but I wasn’t sure what I was going to say till the day off the meeting.

I checked in with Johnny before the event and we agreed to keep my presentation confined to the challenges that review sites have with Vista and what we think consumers would be looking forward to in gaming with DirectX 10. I just had to fill 10 minutes worth of time and I was done.

When showtime came around, Johnny was a bit nervous too. I was even more nervous. I’ve never done something like this before. To be called an expert was one thing. But to live up to it, was another. Luckily we had one of the Flight SimulatorX Team Guru’s and a REAL expert, Phil Taylor on the webinar with us. Phil was such a professional and expert that it actually rubbed off on both Johnny and me. I was listening very carefully to Phil’s presentation, adding in notes that could allow my presentation to dovetail into his. This allowed me to sound smarter than I really was. In fact, after the event, Phil commented on how well my presentation just clicked with his. Thanks Phil! 🙂

Instead of concentrating on DirectX 10, I just stuck to what we’ve been experiencing as a review site having to adopt a brand new operating system. I also pointed out that even though sometimes we get some great hardware, we too recognize and appreciate the same pains that regular customers and users go through. Not everyone has the cash to upgrade to the latest top dollar video card every six months, so I talked about that and the new WinSAT making it easier for people to have a better experience shopping for games. I kept it simple and it seemed to work out. I also tried my best to keep the “umms” and “ahs” to a minimum.

After my part of the presentation, Johnny opened up the floor to a couple questions, and then it was his turn to light up the stage. I could tell that Johnny was more confident in the last half. The presentation had gone much better than I expected, and we were all pretty happy with what we had accomplished. We missed a few things on the hardware side that we should have covered, but those were just minor details. I even got to answer a question for the audience at the end when it came to benchmarking systems to gauge performance in Flight SimulatorX.

The question was whether I thought 3DMark06 was a better indicator of performance or was an in game benchmark like FPS Shooters a better indicator when it came to Flight SimulatorX. I thought about it for a sec, and being that 3DMark06 is a bit “Scripted” it might not be the best way to find out what real life performance would be. Despite the easy to compare “Big Number” that a synthetic benchmark like 3DMark would give you, I said FPS Shooters because I felt that it represented the real world performance a bit better. The audience seemed OK with that (Phew!)

I think overall we gave the iBuypower customers an idea of what to expect in Vista, DirectX 10, Flight SimulatorX and beyond. Phil Taylor was absolutely awesome and Johnny was a great host. I was surprised at how many people turned out and how many Flight Simulator fans there were. It was definitely a memorable experience. iBuypower should be posting the recorded Webinar sometime in the next week. Keep an eye on their Flight SimulatorX page or I’ll post it here when I get the link. Then you can giggle at me all you want 😉

Did anyone here end up tuning in? What were your thoughts on the presentation? I would love to hear your feedback.