Let’s Talk About reviewME!

So reviewME, a Paid Post Blogging Service is trying to get the word out about their site, and they’ve bribed me to do it. I think this site is hours old, but it is backed up by Text Link Ads, so it should be a solid business from the get go. I was trying to find something that said “Your Post Must Be Positive”. Since there was no such thing, let the games begin!

First, let’s talk about getting paid to post. There are a few services out there that pay people to blog about different topics and plug links. Some of these opportunities are very specific and go right down to the link you use, or how many words, or the tone. That’s a real turn off when you have to recalibrate your moral compass to do that, but people do close their eyes and do it anyway.

Luckily, these services give bloggers the choice to blog about a wide range of products. So you have a choice to blog about whatever products, services, or topics you want. If a topic comes up that you can be truthful, maybe even positive about, then go for it. You don’t have to do jack squat if you don’t want to. Unfortunately, most of the top paying opportunities will want you to sell your soul a bit to make the buck.

reviewME has sponsored this post for a no holds barred review of their service so here it goes. Right away, reviewME’s site is extremely clean, and easy to navigate. It’s truly WEB 2.0 in its look and styling. Compared to another service I’ve looked at called PayPerPost, there isn’t nearly as much clutter. Because the opportunities are targeted towards different blogs, there are fewer opportunities to blog available, but they pay a whole lot more than PayPerPost. At PayPerPost, it’s pretty much a free for all and everyone gets the same pool to chose from. As a results, you’ll get those types that just want to make that quick buck, blogging about things they don’t even know anything about. If I didn’t give a crap about Daisies, I wouldn’t blog about it, even if they gave me $100 bucks, not that they’re doing that, so don’t get your hopes up. reviewME doesn’t do this. In fact, the opportunities you get, may not be the same as everyone else. You get that opportunity because, based on the popularity of your blog, and its content, and whether or not you are qualified to comment about it.

reviewME bases their renumeration on the popularity of your blog. This is based on a number of things including ALEXA ranking, Google Page Rank, links coming in etc. So if you’ve done a good job with your blog, and it’s become fairly popular, you’ll have more high paying opportunities available to you, and more to chose from based on the advertiser’s targeting. Not to mention, those opportunities will likely be things that you are familiar with anyway, so you’re more likely to make a meaningful post.

So far it looks like if your blog is chosen for an opportunity, you can pretty much say whatever you want about the product or service. No need to sell out. Just tell it like it is. Of course, I have to wonder how many opportunities you will get if all you do is slam every opportunity you get. On reviewME’s blog, it does appear that they are adamant about legitimizing this form of communication and give the Mainstream Media a poke about not holding themselves to higher standards. Disclosure of a sponsored post is mandatory, so if I didn’t make it clear that reviewME has offered me renumeration for making this post, regardless of what I say, then I’m making it clear now.

So if your blog is doing fairly well, and you’ve got a good readership, you might want to give this service a try. When you’re having problems coming up with your witty daily post, reaching in to this idea jar might be a good way to get some inspiration. You might even make a buck or two 😉