Half Off ReviewMe Requests

A while ago, I told you folks about ReviewMe, a service that puts bloggers and advertisers together. Unlike services like PayPerPost, ReviewMe doesn’t mandate any part of your review, other than the fact that it needs to be high quality and honest. If it’s not high quality and honest, then chances are, you might not get another review.

ReviewMe is very careful about maintaining a high quality and targeted placement of opportunities. That’s why they don’t open opportunities to any blog. If your blog was chosen for a review, it was hand selected. They also pay more than any other paid post for bloggers service that I’m aware of. As a result, only people interested in the most high quality and honest reviews of their products will shell out the dough to get a ReviewMe review done. This creates a bit of a problem because obviously people with the budget will only target the most popular blogs, which leaves many bloggers shut out. Heck, even I haven’t received another ReviewMe request!

In an effort to open this up to more advertisers that also want honest and high quality reviews, but may not have the budget to make it happen, ReviewMe has offered a 50% off coupon. That’s a huge incentive and really makes the service accessible to those that need that quality exposure the most. It also gives a lot of smaller, but equally high quality blogs a chance to finally get in on a ReviewMe request. At 50% off, my blog is a steal!

Now you’re probably wondering if John Chow is kicking and screaming, especially since he just recently had his rate increased. Well, according to ReviewMe, the 50% rate cut will not affect the bloggers. ReviewMe is taking nothing and giving 100% of the fee directly to the blogger. What does ReviewMe get out of it? They get publicity because they know bloggers will blog about this, and by giving people a chance to try their service at a discount, they’ll gain repeat business.

The coupon code that unlocks this discount is: trial Head on over to ReviewMe now, punch in the code, and request a review on my blog today!