Another EPIC Directorial Return for Stephen Fung!

With John Chow still missing in action in the middle of China, the Dot Com Pho Crew has been able to step up to the plate and produce some quality Dot Com Pho Episodes. Last week’s episode was the first time, besides the pilot episode, where I took the directorial reigns. This week I return once more, topping myself again with one of the most EPIC Dot Com Pho Episodes to date!

This week, we feature a sneak peek at a secret MacBook Air Killer given to us by someone known as “Steve” that Greg Morgan and Gary Ng are drooling over. Ed lau discusses the SUMO Grand Championships and his quest to become Yoko Zuna. Leo Chiang gets another speaking part which he will have to add to IMDB because he doesn’t get to talk at all on set. Michael Kwan also returns this week, fresh from spooning US Customs Officials for his NEXUS card. We also feature Danny Chang getting kicked in the junk. On with the show!

Don’t forget to join us at Dot Com Taiwan Beef Noodle next week as the Dot Com Pho Crew reunites with John Chow in Taipei for COMPUTEX! If you have any ideas for our next show, please let me know. Stupidity is not an easy thing to cultivate.