Stephen Fung’s Directorial Return to Dot Com Pho

According to the Dot Com Pho Lore, the first episode of Dot Com Pho was actually a pilot episode created by yours truly. With the disappearance of John Chow to far away Shanghai, it was only fitting that this week would mark my directorial return.

This week’s episode features the real truth behind John Chow’s disappearance, the Secret behind the Pho at Pho Lan, and Leo Chiang’s longest speaking part…ever! Other highlights include Greg Morgan and Ed Lau’s discussion on Midgets and Motorcycles. Sound good? Then check out Dot Com Pho: The John Chow Free Edition!

If you have any ideas for next week’s episode, please let me know. We can only be so retarded under our own power. Believe me, it is actually hard to be stupid 😀