Dot Com Pho The Video!

Have you ever wondered what happens at Dot Com Pho? Do you ever wonder what we BS about while chowing down on our Tripe and Rare Steak Pho Noodle soups, spring rolls, salad rolls and Vietnamese coffees? Well, today you’re going to get that chance to peer into underworld of the Dot Com Crew!

This week, we talk about John Chow’s unhealthy fixation on Necrophilia and his obesity problem while Ed Lau and Michael Kwan scrap over the new MacBook Air. We also chime in on the Yahoo Buy Out and give Leo Chiang a chance to get back in front of a camera (for 2 whole seconds…watch closely) but due to the writers strike, he still has no lines. Greg Morgan and Danny Chang also make an appearance.

Tune in sometime in the near future for another exciting Dot Com Pho Video Extravaganza 😉