Dot Com Whistler Outtakes

The Dot Com Crew had a great time at the Telus Whistler Ski and Snowboard Festival this year. Although the festival is mainly about Big Air, we had our share of BraveArtFilm, and Music. Here are some other memorable moments from our adventure.

We Were Lied To!

I found it a little strange that the reservation for our lodging was pretty much non-refundable upon booking. I checked…twice in fact…about the Internet situation through Intrawest Central Reservations. I had them check, double check, and was assured both times, that we’d have Internet in our suite at the Marquise in Whistler. I told them specifically that we were coming up to cover the festival and that not having Internet was not an option. Despite the rather cheesy no refund 30 days before arrival (WTF?) I booked since as long as we had Internet, the crew was good to go, and there was no reason for us not to show up.

Sure enough, we get there, and we are told, guess what, no Internet. I mean, there must be some sort of mistake. I asked twice, and was told twice that there was Internet. But I guess it doesn’t matter, since we won’t get a refund once we booked. We were totally lied to by Intrawest Central Reservations. Instead, we had to park outside one of the rooms down the hall that did have an unsecured WiFi Internet connection and poach it. Sitting in the hall here is Leo, Ed and Michael. Lame!

Funny enough, the room we were parked in front of belonged to John Chow. We poached his Internet and slowed it right down to a crawl.

Crocs are Lame

Despite being trendy crappy shoes, Crocs did a fine job of showing us that they don’t know how to throw a party. They gave their own reps free drinks, but no one else. The whole night, the staff at the GLC kept asking us if we wanted drinks and would exchange them for Crocs drink tickets.

Of course we wanted drinks, but Crocs didn’t give us any tickets. Why would you invite people to your so called VIP party and not give them any drinks? I mean, your reps don’t need to be convinced that you’re a brand worth a crap. You need to convince us. The reps should be handing out tickets to us and spreading the Crocs gospel, not drinking and regretting the pictures on Monday morning.

Lesson Learned: Don’t go to a Crocs party. It’s as bad as a Lab With Leo Party (well, half as bad. Crocs had free food at least). At least I know how to throw a party. No free food and no free drinks equals a party not worth going to. LG threw an awesome party at last year’s event and I hope they return next year. Crocs is lame!

Taking One For The Team

There were many companies setting up booths to take advantage of the crowds that the Festival draws to Whistler. One of which was Schick who setup a Razor Bucking Bronco. Unfortunately, no one else would ride it so I had to step up. I lasted a whole 5.9 seconds. John Chow cheated and lasted a little longer by using two hands. Cheater. Michael posted a video of my horrific attempt.

GoreTex setup a weather booth to prove just how waterproof and breathable their material is. They suited me up to look like SouthPark Kenny and stuffed me in this horrific machine that simulated hurrican force rain and wind. Unlike Kenny, I survived and so did the clothing. I was as dry as the desert after leaving the booth. They gave the whole Dot Com Crew free GoreTex belts because, apparently, they turned the booth all the way up to eleven on me. They’d never done that before. Apparently, Ed, Leo, and Michael encouraged them by telling the staff that I was calling them pussies.

Abusing Michael Kwan…

Michael got the most abuse this past weekend. He got constantly spooned by Leo Chiang, woken up in the middle of the night by Ed Lau’s loud snoring and animal-like noises that he makes when he blows his nose, and competing with our gassy dispositions. So to make up for it, we poured him a beer…but not without adding some extra foamy head and taking this picture that can be manipulated in so many distasteful ways. Poor Michael…

Stay tuned for the next Dot Com Whistler! Maybe we’ll head back up for Whistler’s CrankWorx this Summer where Freeriding icons throw down sick tricks for big prizes and glory. Before we tie up this year’s Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival, I’d like to thank Shanine and her staff at Watermark Communications for setting us up with full access to the event. We had a great time and you guys did a great job! If you’re in Whistler this weekend, definitely go check it out. The festival runs till April 20th.

Update: Michael Kwan has also done a wrap up post and included a new video from Dot Com Whistler.