The First Ever Dot Com Scooter Gang!

After the great Segway Crash of 2008, we were unsure if a Dot Com Scooter Gang Meetup was a good idea. Although it is clear that Michael Kwan and Segways do not mix, perhaps he’ll fare better on a scooter!

Tomorrow, the Dot Com Crew will be renting some scooters and terrorizing Vancouver. Initially, during the Dot Com Pho Reunion Edition, which was a result of our Dot Com Cease Fire, we weren’t sure if John Chow would come out and join in on the unification activities. Even though we don’t work nine to five in a corporate environment, it is still important to have team building activities. With the help of Dot Com Historian, Carl Nelson, we were able to pry John from his MacBook Pro to enjoy some fresh air, sunshine, and some EPIC Hilarity.

If your Dot Com Lifestyle allows you to get away tomorrow, please join us! We’ll be renting scooters from the location below:

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We’ll be rolling out from CycleBC Rentals shortly after 10:30 AM. I will of course not be renting a scooter because Happy Scooter would be very upset if I rode off on a Yamaha BWS and still hasn’t forgiven me for riding off on a Segway. It’s kinda funny how initially, everyone kind of laughed at the idea of me zipping around on a scooter. Heck, I laugh at myself zipping around on a scooter. However, it seems that Happy Scooter has managed to become part of the Dot Com Crew afterall and will probably end up leading the Scooter Gang and definitely avoiding Kwanye as Scooter seems to have an allergy towards carnage.

If you’re available and want to come out, please Twitter Me or leave a comment and we’ll try not to ride off without you. The cost of the rental is $69.00 for the whole day (till 5:00 PM) plus $6.00 for insurance. All you need to rent is a credit card and a valid Class 5 drivers license. Since there will be a few of us, try to get there a few minutes before 10:30 to start filling out the paperwork and stuff so we can be on the road as soon as possible.

Tenatively, our route will take us out to UBC, Stanley Park, and then back into Vancouver. We should hopefully be back at the rental place before five to get our damage deposits back. However, for some of us (Oh Kwanye…), those damage deposits may need to be left behind.  See you tomorrow!