The Ford Fusion Drive Movie

The Ford Fusion Drive Movie

As you may recall, I spent a day in Harrison Hot Springs, BC Canada last week during the Ford Fusion Drive event put on by Ford Canada. You’ve already seen the room tour video of the Harrision Hot Springs Resort and Spa. Now, I can 

Dot Com Pho After Hours – Fast and Furious Edition

This week you get a two for one deal. An After Hours Double Feature, extended cut if you will. Since there simply wasn’t enough footage last week with just Leo Chiang and me at Dot Com Turk After Hours, we decided to just film what 

Cool KYMCO Scooter Ad from Taiwan…

In North America, KYMCO isn’t that well known of a brand name. However, in places like Taiwan, they are considered one of the cooler brands, especially when it comes to Scooters. Now I know that some of you don’t equate “cool” with “scooters” but I 

Completely Random Things – Presidential Election 08 Edition

So today is the day that Americans decide whether Obama wins or McCain wins. Although much of the planet is already pulling for some “Barack and Roll” in the White House, it seems that there are some rather interesting opinions about the World Favourite in 

T-Shirts For a Dot Com Scooter Lifestyle

Vespa Vancouver was having a sale on scooter T-Shirts this month so I decided to scooter on down and see what it was all about. Here are a few I picked up… This one is designed by the folks at Robotribe and is called Machine 

Saying Goodbye and a New Dot Com Scooter Rises…

Since I got my full motorcycle learners license, I’ve been busy looking for a successor to my Yamah C3 scooter. The road was long and my ass is sore from riding so many different bikes over the last week, but the search is finally over.