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Dot Com Pho – The Return to Happy Pho…

This past Summer, the Dot Com Pho Crew had a chance to visit the Happiest Pho in Vancouver. The place is so happy, that everyone left in a good mood. Happy Brian, the proprietor of this establishment, is like the “Anti-Lan”. Where Mr. Lan is […]

The Phall Season Premiere of Dot Com Pho

People have been getting lives lately. I’ve decided to go back to school and throw a few weights over my head. Leo has been obsessed with skin jobs. Ed has been trying to show Greg Morgan how to be a real boy by taking him […]

Dot Com Pho – The Telecommuting Edition

With Kwanye stuck in Edmonton with Landals, we thought we’d never be able to have a Pho together again. Not so. With the power of the Interwebs, we were able to have simultaneous Pho not only at the same time, but also at the same […]

Pho Continues Tomorrow! – Nha Trang Restaurant

After starving ourselves of Pho for two weeks due to Dot Com Congee Noodle house and our Dot Com RockBand Adventure, it’s time to go back to the beef noodles that we love. For some strange reason, my body has now become accustomed to MSG […]

Dot Com Pho – Congee and Noodle Edition

This week we didn’t have Pho and we didn’t have dim sum. Instead, we had Congee and Noodles at the Congee Noodle House in Vancouver. Gary Ng chose this location at last week’s Dot Com Reunion Edition and overall, we were pretty pleased with the […]

This Week’s Dot Com Pho Location – Congee Noodle House

It’s that time again! Like on Iron Chef, where a secret ingredient must be unveiled, this week, a secret location must be unveiled. OK, it’s not really as dramatic since the title of this post has the location. This week, we stay asian, we stay […]