Pho Continues Tomorrow! – Nha Trang Restaurant

After starving ourselves of Pho for two weeks due to Dot Com Congee Noodle house and our Dot Com RockBand Adventure, it’s time to go back to the beef noodles that we love. For some strange reason, my body has now become accustomed to MSG and Brisket on Saturdays, and somehow, it doesn’t feel right without it. This week, unfortunately, will not have the accidental comedic stylings of Michael Kwan. He’s now in Deadmonton blogging about Oiled Cowboys. Hopefully him and Jason Landals will find some way to do a Dot Com Pho Deadmonton Edition and send the footage over for the weekly video.

This week’s Dot Com Pho will take place at the somewhat legendary Nha Trang Restaurant in Vancouver, BC, near the corner of Broadway and Fraser and not too far away from the Congee Noodle House Restaurant. The reason it’s legendary is because it’s the first place that I’ve ever had Pho with John Chow. I know it’s hard to believe, but John did willingly go to Vancouver for Pho at some point.  Here’s a map just in case you get lost:

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Again, everyone is welcome and we’ll be there at 12:30PM for some tasty beef noodles. Just leave a comment or send me a message on Twitter to let me know so that we can save a seat for you. At the same time, John Chow is also having a Dot Com Pho Toronto this Saturday so if you’re in Toronto, go check that out. He did some reader’s meet up earlier this week at some Hippy Vegetarian joint that he hated. John whines about a lot of things, but he has every reason to be upset about a meatless lunch. Carcass 4 Life!  See you all tomorrow!