Dot Com Pho – The Some Kind of WonderPho Edition

We had a great time at Dot Com Pho today at our location this week, Cambie (Vancouver) Vietnamese Restaurant. It was great to see so much support from everyone about the location change from Richmond to Vancouver even though a lot of you are out enjoying holidays and weren’t able to make it today. It proves that motivated individuals can make a difference when they commit to the ideal of “Yes We Shall”.

We had heard rumours of a place where the owner was actually cheerful and where they welcomed credit cards and debit cards, not just cash. A place where service was prompt, courteous and accomodating and where what you ordered was…what you ordered. Today, Michael Kwan, Leo Chiang, Greg Morgan, Michael “FATAL1TY” Yurechko and I witnessed such a place. It was truly “Some Kind of WonderPho”.  Check out our video adventure:

After being locked in Richmond for so long, it was great to get out and experience some of the best Pho in all of Greater Vancouver, but we plan to have other experiences from other eateries that will have us as well. Tandori was suggested and maybe we’ll do another Dot Com Dim Sum, who knows. We will continue to venture out and around the Lower Mainland in search of new Pho, new food and new friends. Of course, once a certain friend in Richmond stops pouting, we hope to see him again soon, out here, in Vancouver.

We’d still like to invite any restaurants or eateries that think they can deal with us to contact me so that we can come check you out one of these Saturdays. All you have to do is put up with us for an afternoon, maybe give us some great food discounts (I’m Chinese. Have to ask.), and you might end up with a bunch of publicity from grateful local bloggers. Keep in mind, you need to be close to transit, offer parking and be centrally located in the Greater Vancouver Area. If you’re Scooter friendly, that’s a bonus.

Make sure you follow me on Twitter to keep yourself in the loop on our latest Dot Com Pho movements. Who knows, your suggestion might become the latest Secret Dot Com Pho location. See you all next week in Vancouver! 😀