Tomorrow’s Secret Pho Location – Cambie Vietnamese Restaurant

Yes we shall, and it shall be done! Dot Com Pho is no longer a prisoner to Ricmond! We heard the cries of the people and we’re now giving you a Pho that is closer to transit and more centrally located. No longer will you have to say “Gee, I wish I could come to Dot Com Pho, but why Richmond? The drivers are scary and it’s so far away!”

Tomorrow’s Dot Com Pho will be taking place at the centrally located Cambie Vietnamese Restaurant in Vancouver, on the corner of Main and King Edward in Vancouver. Yes, I know. It’s nowhere near Cambie, but it used to be. This establishment offers the usual Pho delicacies including the presence of a very happy and charasmatic owner that wants to be your “Super Friend” according to the folks at this site. This is in stark contrast to the fear you bring with you when entering Pho Lan, our usual Dot Com Pho playground.

Other amenities include wheelchair access, acceptance of VISA and MC so you can use that PayPal Credit Card (BlueFur will like that), and if you want more noodles in your soup, the owner will actually be happy to give you a refill, allegedly. Michael will have to put that to the test. It’s amazing how brave he gets when Mr. Lan isn’t around. Last week, he even asked for two different salad rolls! Wow!

Here’s the map of the location:

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If you want to take part in the continuing revolution and evolution of Dot Com Pho, closer to a neighbourhood near you, please twitter me so that I know how many people to save a spot for. We’ll be starting up at 12:30PM. Since this is our first invasion to this place, please try to get there early so we can successfully hold the fort. If you really feel like dragging your ass out to the middle of Richmond where you’ve just wasted a tank of gas and had the crap scared out of you by some “See Lai” behind a welding mask who wasn’t looking when she cut across the front of your car to turn right, John Chow, Carl Nelson (back from Hong Kong) and Wolfgang will be at Pho Lan waiting.

We’d still like to invite any restaurants or eateries that think they can deal with us to contact me so that we can come check you out one of these Saturdays. All you have to do is put up with us for an afternoon, maybe give us some great food discounts (I’m Chinese. Have to ask.), and you might end up with a bunch of publicity from grateful local bloggers. Keep in mind, you need to be close to transit and centrally located in the Greater Vancouver Area. If you’re Scooter friendly, that’s a bonus.

See you all tomorrow and again, don’t forget to Twitter Me to let me know if you’re coming or not so we can keep that seat warm for you. Yes We Shall!