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Don’t Forget The Sunscreen…

It’s been pretty sunny the last few days in Vancouver. Dot Com Scooter Gang was blessed with this awesome weather and it looks like this Saturday, Dot Com Pho will will also be blessed with glorious rays from above as we head on down to Congee Noodle House. Although getting a tan is great, getting burned from over-exposure to UV radiation is not. Here are a few words from the Dark Knight and Joker about the importance of sun safety…

I think the Dark Knight and Joker should make a video for Michael Kwan on Segway Safey. Perhaps DK can lend Michael his suit as I’m sure it would have prevented the injuries sustained during Dot Com Scooter Gang. It would definitely be a lot harder to create holes in that outfit.

Now even though you can’t actually see the sky in Beijing, you can be sure that those cancer causing UV Rays (among other things there) are definitely cutting through the smog. You can count on our 311 Canadian Athletes to be wearing their sunscreen (and their breathing masks off camera) as the 2008 Olympics kick off tomorrow morning. I will certainly be looking forward to the Women’s Beach Volleyball. I’m sure they use plenty of sunscreen as there isn’t much that is covered in those tiny little two piece suits. No wonder it’s the most spectated event of the games.

If you’re coming to Dot Com Pho at Congee Noodle House this weekend, don’t forget to leave a comment on that post or twitter me so we can save you a seat. See you there!

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