My Top Five Commenters – What Are They Up To Today?

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these “recognize my commenters” types of posts. Today, I’ve decided to check on my top five of my top ten commenters noted in my sidebar to see what they’re blogging about today. Here’s what I found…

Michael Kwan – I don’t know how “Kwanye” (see the Dot Com Pho Video) does it but it must have something to do with his caffeine consumption. I mean, how else could it seem like he’s writing 24/7 without stopping? I guess “th-that don’t kill him, can only make him stronger…”  Anyway, Kwanye thinks the IOC is racist. Oh Kwanye. You so ignant.

Ken – Ken is hard at work on the American Liberty Association Blog. I don’t know what that is exactly, but that post about Bush Being Snubbed caught my eye. He called him a “waving doofus”. Nice!

Ed Lau – The butt of all our jokes and insults in our Insult[Ed] Edition of Dot Com Pho, Ed Lau, is still prancing around in Japan. He frolicks through the Japanese landscape and checks out men’s hair, large men in tiny diapers, and metro-sexual food. He’s like the “Queer Eye” of Dot Com Pho.

Derek Semmler – Derek has a great tip on using CSS to give all your posted photos a cool professional border. Instead of having to edit each individual photo, the CSS trick really gives your photos that “Sports Illustrated” look. Speaking of sports, Derek also challenges you to do 100 push ups. So far, between him and me, he’s winning but I get Tim Hortons so I think I actually win.

Enkay Blog – One of the winners of my recent contest, Enkay, has posted about the recent page rank shakedown and the new page ranks of a bunch of blogs including mine. Although my rank hasn’t changed, I think there has been some shuffling so you might want to check yours to see if you went up (or down).

That’s it for this edition. Tune in next time, whenever that is. I guess it’ll be when I feel like it again 😉