Another Flipping Edition of Dot Com Pho

Man, there was so much footage at today’s Dot Com Pho! Part of the job of editing is to be able to keep what is important and what isn’t. With only a 10 minute window via YouTube, this task was made all the more difficult. Because of all the extra time spent on sorting all these clips, I had to go back to iMovie 08 which I am much more familiar with. Though I didn’t do too bad with last week’s video using iMovie HD, I felt I spent far too much time fiddling with the advanced features. As a result, there were a lot of transitions and fancy stuff that I wouldn’t normally use in the last video. I feel that this week’s video is definitely a lot cleaner and I hope that you see some of your feedback in it.

For this week, I focused more on the people of Dot Com Pho. I focused on Michael Kwan’s unfortunate need to sell himself for 50% off, Greg Morgan’s love for Michael Landsberg, Gary Ng’s obsession with gaming John Chow’s Blog. Of course we have the Super EGO himself, John Chow and his thoughts on not thinking at all. We also have a new member indoctrinated into the Dot Com Crew. Ray (can’t remember your last name) of FlipVancouver has reached “regular” status (whatever that means) and John Chow presented him with one of the many free USB drives that he poached from Gigabyte who is one of the sponsors of this week’s event. Ed Lau also makes a brief appearance as he bitches about his accommodations.

So who’s video reigns supreme this week?

Stephen Fung’s – Another Flipping Edition of Dot Com Pho

John Chow’s – Dot Com Pho – Highly Leverage Edition

Again, if there are any comments on how my video can improve, please let me know. Hopefully you can see the indifference of a 30 minute edit job vs the care and craftmanship that is etched into 4 hr edit job. I kind of think of this like how the Incredible Hulk movies ended up. By rushing to the box office, John Chow made the first Hulk movie. Then I have to come along and remake it into something that you can be proud of and I think it’s easy to see the difference.

Don’t forget that Flip Flap, who you see in the beginning title screen of this week’s video, still needs a new home. If you want to win Flip Flap along with an iPod nano that doesn’t have a stupid Market Leverage logo laser etched onto it so that you can’t sell or give away again, then check out this post to find out how to enter to win.