Flip Flap Shows You How To Relax

Flip Flap has become quite the Dot Com Pho celebrity. People wonder who is he? How did he get here? Did Gigabyte make him? Well, only John Chow would ask if Gigabyte made him (of course not! DUH!). Today, I’m going to share with you one of his remarkable talents. The talent of complete relaxation. If you get into a situation where you are absolutely infuriated, just watch this clip and you’ll calm down. Repeat as necessary.

If you think he’s relaxing and soothing in a video, wait till you get the real deal in person. What? You mean you’re giving away one Stephen? That’s right! This month I’m giving away my beloved Flip Flap to ONE lucky person. Oh, and I’m giving away one of those iPod nano doodads too to another reader. If you want to be the new owner of Flip Flap, because owning Flip Flap is FTW, then enter today. You only have till July 1st, 2008!