Want Me Back? Notify Me of Follow Up Comments!

Two of the Wordpress Plugins that have really lit a fire under the amount of comments that I’ve been getting are Threaded Comments and  Subscribe to Comments.  Both of which are on the list of Five Wordrpress Plugins I can’t do without.  Although the Threaded Comments feature has been invaluable, allowing me to reply to people’s comments without having to quote people all the time, the one that seems to keep people coming back is Subscribe to Comments.

Subscribe Me Baby! 

The Subscribe to Comments plugin for WordPress produced by Tempus Fugit keeps your readers in the loop by allowing them to be notified via email whenever someone comments on a post that they commented on.  Under the Add Comment button in the comment form, there is a checkbox that you can check off to allow my blog to send you an email whenever someone posts a follow up comment to a post you’ve left a comment on. 

That Checked Box Keeps You in the Loop

On my blog I have this checked by default so all you have to do is uncheck it if you don’t want to be notified or don’t care what anyone else says.  The reason I’ve checked it by default is because of the way I keep up to date with the many blogs that I comment on.  If I comment on your blog once and never return, it’s not because I hate your blog, unless I tell you I hate it 😉  The reason I don’t return is because I never get invited back. 

There are many blogs out there that use the same plugin, but many of them don’t have the option checked by default.  The difference between the ones that do and the ones that don’t is that the ones that do have it checked off and will get me back to follow up or check comments because I’ve been invited back.  The email that I get not only invites me back to your blog, but it also tells me which post I’ve commented on, getting me right back into the conversation.

Oh Crap!  I Forgot to Uncheck The Box!  

So you somehow managed to not Uncheck the Box before you hit the Add Comment button and now you’re being Spammed.  Don’t worry.  Shit happens.  That’s why this plugin comes with a feature to allow you to manage which threads you’ll be spammed on. 

Manage my Comments

When you hit the Manage Your Subscriptions link, you’ll be transported to a screen that allows you to unsubscribe to the posts you’ve subscribed yourself to.  My personal preference is to have the box checked.  The reason why is because I know that I won’t come back to a post that I’ve commented on unless I’m notified. If your blog doesn’t have it checked, even if I totally want to check it off, I’ll hit the Add Comment button without thinking and boom, I’ve posted my one comment and I’m gone forever.  In fact, the email notifications are the only way that I can keep up with my Top Comment Whores!

The Results?

Initially, when I first installed the plugin, I didn’t have the check box checked by default.  But when I turned it on, all of a sudden, people kept coming back and now I’ve got comment whores with comment counts numbering well above 100 and posts with tons of comments.  I’m not even having a Top Comment Whore Contest this month!

Is There a Downside?

Since I’ve installed this plugin and set the notifications to default, I haven’t really noticed a decrease in traffic.  In fact, I’ve never had more RSS subscribers and my traffic has never been higher.  Of course not everyone speaks their mind and only Carl has put his two cents in about not liking it turned on by default.  He’s even threatened to never comment again, but I only see a comment from him every few months.  However, I do value his feedback so there’s a free back link for your troubles 😉

Notifications: ON or OFF? 

So how about you folks?  Does having this option turned on by default make it easier for you, like me, to keep up with your favourite blogs or would you rather have the option to turn it on yourself?  My readers are important to me so if you folks don’t like to be notified by default let me know by posting a comment.