Random Slightly Past Mid-Monthish Speed Linkage

Is “monthish” a word?  I don’t think it is, but it’s my blog and its a word here!  Anyway, here are a few links that I found interesting or funny, or…why can’t I just link because I want to without explaining it? Anyhow enjoy the links and the link love!

Leo Chiang has crossed another Dot Com Mogul item off his checklist by taking over the Number One Spot on Google for his name. Way to go Leo! He also revels in the glory of his new cool plugins.

Brice Wong slowly gets going on his blogging adventures. Looks like he’s aiming for one a week. This week he’s looked at the culinary delights of one Deer Garden Restaurant in Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada. Don’t click if you’re hungry. Lots of pictures of food!

Derek Semmler of MyNewChoice ponders the joys of the free lunch and peeling $10 bills off parkings lots. I enjoy free lunch too, especially when the lady pays. He also crosses a couple items off his Dot Com Mogul Checklist with the introduction of his new Narcissistic Blog! He’s even number one for his name. Way to go Derek!

Nick Witkoski of What’s The Fuss and reigning Top Comment Whore has been really quiet lately. It looks like he’s well entrenched in some College Basketball Pool.

We haven’t heard from Tyler Ingram in a bit.  Well, it looks like he’s moved back home and somehow managed to con his mom into getting him a Canon EOS 350D to play with.  I wish my mom would’ve bought me my DSLR!  I wonder if his mom really wanted it in the first place? I wonder if she even knows how to use it! Sneaky Tyler!

Speaking of sneaky, Saman of Samanathon somehow got someone else to do his work for him, and a pretty lady no doubt!  He lured Aniela of Style Tips 101 to guest blog and do a post on the Nintendo Wii for him.  Saman!  That’s my boy! 😀

Comment Whore Runner Up Michael Kwan screwed up and predicted the demise of the car nut show TOP GEAREd Lau responds and will be giving Michael a punch to the head at Dot Com Dim Sum / Pho or preferably…when he leasts expects it…muwahahah!  Ed took it very hard so Michael, you better run!  I doubt that Ed can catch him though.  Michael has been training by harrassing his bunny.

One of Futurelooks Finest, Alex Goh, tears into the idiocy that is the trinity of Halo 3 Editions. A Master Chief helmet that you can’t even wear? What’s the deal with that? What if i want to run around the house in it? Rubbish!

That’s it. I’m spent! Keep on blogging folks! 😀