The Next Battle – Bison Stroganoff

With all the big meat done in a night of pure Bison Bliss, it was time to see what other things this quarter of a bison had to offer. One of the things that looked interesting was a bag of sliced bison labelled “stir fry”. Since simply following the direction that the bag was leading me in was not an option, I decided to find something more interesting to treat these tender morsels of bison to. I decided that we were going to head to Russia on this bison battle…

Beef Stroganoff or Beef Stroganov as it is known in Russian, is a classic dish made with sauteed beef served in a sauce made with sour cream. I don’t know what Bison is in Russian, but today we make Bison Stroganov comrade!

Tender pieces of bison were slowly cooked in a mixture of mushrooms, onions, beef stock and wine. It’s seasoned with salt and pepper, dijon mustard, baby dill and finished off with a few dabs of sour cream in the last few minutes before serving.

After this savoury mixture thickens, it is then served on top of a bed of buttered egg noodles and garnished with some freshly chopped parsley. Eat up comrade!