An Epic Battle With Bison…

Here are some of the visuals from an EPIC BATTLE that I had brewing with bison last night. Although I’ve had other bison battles, this one was the biggest one yet. A good chunk of that quarter of the animal that I procured would be put to good use this evening. My test kitchen guinea pigs would be members of CrossFit Vancouver.

Here we’ve got a bison roast going into the slow cooker with carrots, onions, celery, port and tons of brown mushrooms. The beast was heavily marinated in spices and beer before taking this long slow bath.

Next, we’ve got a bison brisket in a red wine and crushed tomato sauce. This is going to be wicked. I actually test kitchened this particular recipe with a roast, but you really do need the extra fat content of this cut of meet to make it successful. Bison was pre-marinated overnight with thyme, garlic, oregano and copious amounts of olive oil and garlic with salt and pepper.

Finally, meatball of all sorts made from bison were concocted. In total, there are three kinds here. As soon as I recover from my wine and bison hangover, I’ll look for my camera and hopefully find more pictures.