Dot Com Pho – The Sort of HD’ish Edition

The Dot Com Pho Crew has made treks to many different Pho restaurants in the lower mainland of BC. Well, at least most of us have. We’ve been to the happiest Pho Restaurant to the angriest Pho restaurant to the fakest Pho restaurant.

This past weekend, John Chow, Leo Chiang (back from banging chicks on set), and Ed Lau (after he woke up), joined Rory Hansen and Ray (who shall remain last-nameless) for a bowl of Pho. Also joining us this week were Dot Com Pho n00bs Parm and Moneca. we headed to a Pho restaurant that none of us had ever been to. Pho Trang An is one of the newer Pho establishments to pop up on the busy Pho Insterstate of Kingsway. With dozens of restaurants in the same block, let’s see how it stacks up…

The verdict on Pho Trang An? Well, it’s definitely expensive. At $7.25 for a small bowl (a VERY small bowl), there’s definitely a price to pay for going to the cleanest Pho restaurant in the lower mainland. Also, we didn’t particularly find the broth to be the best. Despite a weak hint of “star anise”, a load of MSG, and way too much ginger, the only saving grace was that it was hot. The noodles were done right though and the meat was indeed very fresh (sliced per bowl).

If Pho Trang An wants to survive, they are going to have to lower those prices and work on the speed of the service. They were pretty slow and forgot our orders during our visit.

This week’s Dot Com Pho was filmed using the new FLIP Mino HD. Instead of full HD, it was merely HD look. Stay tuned for a review at Futurelooks coming up shortly.

So who’s Pho chops do we bust next week?