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The Next Battle – Bison Stroganoff

With all the big meat done in a night of pure Bison Bliss, it was time to see what other things this quarter of a bison had to offer. One of the things that looked interesting was a bag of sliced bison labelled “stir fry”. […]

An Epic Battle With Bison…

Here are some of the visuals from an EPIC BATTLE that I had brewing with bison last night. Although I’ve had other bison battles, this one was the biggest one yet. A good chunk of that quarter of the animal that I procured would be […]

Dot Com Dinner Chef – Battling Bison

During the last battle, I mentioned that a quarter of a bison wandered into my freezer. Ever since, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with it. I decided to try a couple of simple things… First thing I did, was do a […]