Dot Com Dinner Chef – Battling Bison

During the last battle, I mentioned that a quarter of a bison wandered into my freezer. Ever since, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with it. I decided to try a couple of simple things…

First thing I did, was do a simple pan fried bison steak. I just wanted to see how this meat cooked and just treated it like any steak. Seasoned with a bit of salt and pepper, I let it hit the grill. That was a bit of a mistake. First thing I noticed was that it cooked extremely fast. Quite a bit faster than beef due to the low fat content. In fact, it cooked so fast that I almost took my medium rare to well done. You can see that some of the cuts of meat looked more done than the other half. Oops. It was still good though, but one side was a little tougher than the other. Definitely still tasty.

I tried again the next day and used a little less heat. After searing the first side for about thirty seconds, I flipped it over and turned the heat to low. I then let it cook till it was medium rare by touch. I then removed the meat from the heat and let it rest. The bison steak turned out evenly cooked to medium rare and was very tender and juicy. Followed by a side of greens and some yam fries, it kept me quite full throughout the GetConnected Party. It was probably one of the best steaks that I’d had in a while.

With a quarter of this beast inhabiting my freezer, I’m definitely going to enjoy this meat many more times in the coming months. I think I’m going to have to defrost that bison roast for a bit of slow cooking action this weekend.