Stephen Fung DOT NET Gets a Makeover!

I’ve pretty much been using the same theme since my very first post on this blog. Although it was, and still is, one of the most advanced themes for WordPress, its design was definitely starting to become dated. Also, as time passed, I found it to be less and less inviting. So for 2008, not only do I get a fashion makeover, but my blog also gets the makeover treatment!

After searching around the Interwebs, I found something that I could work with. What drew me to this particular design was the fact that it was the complete opposite of my old theme in terms of complexity. The internal workings had a very simple layout which means that I can do a lot with it without breaking something. My old theme had a lot of plugin integrations built in which didn’t give me a lot of flexibility. I also liked the wood floors and the warmer colors which is a direct contrast to the cool blues used in my previous theme. The header picture is one of my original photos from my trip to Granville Island during my Photography Class field trips, earlier this year.

I’m still working through some bugs and adding in features that I would like carried over from the old design, but things are progressing pretty smoothly. So what do you guys think?