Dot Com Makeover – Stephen Fung Edition!

With my Retirement Anniversary this year, I decided to embark on a couple of endeavors to improve myself. Getting my closet in order was first on the list…

With the help of Jennifer from Image Smiths, we started with a wardrobe detox. Kelly actually won a fashion makeover at the Brian Jessel BMW Fashion Gala Silent Auction last year, but found out that she only helps male clients, so she gave the makeover to me. After finding out a bit more about what my Dot Com Lifestyle was all about, she made me throw out a bunch of stuff that really, no longer suited me, in particular, things that weren’t flattering to my body type or were far out of date.

She made me toss out all the oversized logo T-shirts that I’d been collecting from various trade shows, but allowed me to keep any T’s that were made by American Apparel (goodbye Gildan and Fruit of the Loom). This means I’ll be loading up on OCZ T-Shirts at the next show. They not only feel good, but apparently, they are cut differently to actually make you look skinnier. She also made me toss out any pants with pleats, especially the khaki ones. Pleats make the wrong part of your body look a couple sizes too big. I guess I’ll be giving away more free T-shirts after every tradeshow from now on.

John Chow would have a hissy fit over this because the “Oversized Tradeshow T-Shirt and Pleated Pants” are his signature style and I’m tossing them! Well, apparently it’s a serious fashon Faux Pas so good riddance. If John wore pants with no pleats, and a T-shirt that fit, he might not feel like he needed to lose 25 lbs before COMPUTEX. Apparently, as I chomped on Church’s fried chicken with him at lunch yesterday, that plan isn’t going so well. I’m sure that the charities that end up with my old garb will be thankful. Don’t be surprised if you see homeless people dressing like John Chow coming to a neighborhood near you.

I’ll be doing a bit more work with Jennifer in the next few weeks however, she did mention that my closet wasn’t in bad shape at all and she’ll have some wardrobe pieces to add to it to spruce it up. However, I’m not like Ed and would not be willing to spend $400 on a hoodie, or Michael Kwan’s brother who is like Kid Carson, though I do like to look good, but not a full price. Thankfully, Jennifer also has fashion industry hook ups that can get me what I need at the budget we set. Stay tuned for a few new looks for Stephen Fung!