What’s For Lunch Stephen?

I was out running errands today when I had the case of the munchies. I stopped by the Tim Hortons on my way home and went in for a bit of Take Out. I passed by a pretty epic line up for the drive thru which blocked up the entrance to the parking lot. I really don’t understand why people just don’t get out of their car and come in and order. It’s not like the place was that busy and it’s not like the parking lot is far away and full. No wonder people become fatties and no complaining about gas prices for you while you idle your SUV in the line up you idler!

Anyway, since I’m in the process of reviewing the Flip Mino, I thought I’d make my lunch part of the test. Posing for the camera is my Timmy’s large coffee, a chili bowl and whole wheat bun combo, and an apple fritter. Total cost was six measly dollars and because Tim Hortons coffee is laced with the highest possible amount of caffeine, I’m totally wired till sunrise.

I’m currently working on the Flip Mino review and hope to have it up on Futurelooks very shortly. Also, don’t forget that I’m still giving away a Flip Flap and one of those Apple iPod 4GB nanos in Silver. No, this one does NOT have Market Leverage engraved onto it so you can’t do anything else with it. What is up with that anyway? Branding my shizzle up and not letting me be Chinese and give it away? Anyway, if you want some free stuff, you better enter soon.