Isagenix Shake Days #4 – Program Day 8 – Recap

It turns out that my choice in fish yesterday wasn’t so great afterall. According to an article in National Geographic, my Poke Tuna dish (which tasted o’sogood) is actualy the highest Mercury content fish of the bunch. Luckily, even before I was notified of that by my Cleanse Coach, I had changed my fish choice to Wild Salmon today for lunch because I saw a news report about how they ad chemicals and colouring to farm salmon. Yes, I went back to the Sushi place. It’s not only good, but I can stay within my reasonable meal limit. I also had a the Gomae, which is the spinach salad with a bit of peanut sauce.

The Wild Salmon I had today was so tender, it was almost the same as a tougher cut of sashimi grade Tuna. I love sashimi tuna, but after checking that out, I think I’ll leave tuna out of my regular diet, and maybe revisit on special occasions. I really didn’t eat a whole lot. It was actually quite easy to get myself full these days. The rest of the program meals (shakes, vile liquid shots at night) are all starting to become bearable, but I wouldn’t call it living. I miss the bad for you but so good food, but at least it is taking a lot less to make me full, and now that I’m a little bit more familiar with the consequences of foods like that, I’ll be more mindful of the choices I make.

Today felt pretty good for me. Good energy. Content after lunch. The only thing I am noticing is the fact that I can no longer stay up till the wee hours of the night. As soon as 10:00 PM hits, I’m ready to go to bed. I guess that’s good in a sense. I’m getting to bed the same time every night, and waking up about the same time every morning now. I’m sleeping pretty good too, and wake up without the cobwebs I used to feel.

Well, nothing really exciting to report. I guess I’m through the worst of it. Tomorrow is my last shake day, then I do a full cleanse (missing Turkey Dinner Damnit!) for two more days and I’m off the hook on Tuesay. Well, maybe I’ll keep myself on short leash. I’m not going to undo what I’ve accomplished. Goodnight!