Isagenix Shake Days #5 (FINAL) – Program Day 9 – Recap

Well, today is my last shake day, and tomorrow marks my final 2 days of the program. We go straight to a full cleanse tomorrow with the vile liquid concoction as in day 3 of the program. I had tuna again today in a Hawaian tartar, mixed greens, and some strings beans. Screw the Mercury! I love tuna, but I’ll cut down on it and just try more different things, but I’m not giving it up.

Today went pretty good. I really wasn’t that hungry. Good energy all around. Not looking forward to the full cleanse day. I’ve been finally figuring out ways to eat good food, but at least it’s only for 2 days. I’ve have almonds and hardboiled eggs onhand to fight off the hunger tomorrow. I snuck a measurement in, and it looks like I lost another inch off my waist from the last weigh in.

It’s a shame I miss Turkey Dinner Tomorrow! 🙁 Goodnight!