Isagenix Shake Days #3 – Program Day 7 – Recap

Well, not a whole lot to report. I’m no longer hungry. I did go out for Sashimi today. I had a healthy order of sashimi Poke Tuna cubes with a sort of lemon, soy, and sesame sauce and a small bowl or rice. Normally, that would never fill me up. I was stuffed for a good half the day. Since I’m a regular there, the waitress had to ask me if I was full. To think that I was suffering for lunches, when all I needed to do was to get Sashimi for my ultra protein fix. I love Sashimi! I think I’ll go there again tomorrow.

I do feel like a have a helluva lot more energy. I snuck a weigh in at the scale this morning, and I hit 170 lbs. No other measurements though. Can’t wait to see where else I’ve melted away some inches at the end of the 5th shake day.