Isagenix Shake Days #2 – Program Day 6 – Recap

Well, today felt pretty good. I wasn’t really that hungry today, but the salad that Kelly made didn’t go down to well. It was just a bit too spicy for my newly cleansed digestive system. In fact, it decided it needed to “Cleanse” again immediately after. I would say, no spicy during your cleanse if you don’t want your stomach to fight back. I can normally eat spicy food, but not while on this program. I did miss my exercise today, but I did walk around STAPLES. I spent at least 20 minutes surfing the aisles, and another 10 minutes to check out the clearance bin. I love deals! Oh, if you have a bunch of Vanilla shake leftover, because it is gross on its own, you can try mixing it with the chocolate. The chocolate is strong enough to overpower the “Bleh” of raw vanilla.

Nothing huge to report, so I’ll update again tomorrow night unless something extraordinary happens. Goodnight!