Isagenix Shake Days #1 – Program Day 5 – Recap

Today was definitely a much better day. Probably my best Isagenix Program day. Although I didn’t make any huge gains in inches, I did lose 1 lb according to this morning’s measurements. The funny thing is, I actually got bigger in some areas. Go figure.

My word of advice to anyone ordering this system is to AVOID THE VANILLA. That was the most vile crap I’ve ever taken. Switching to Chocolate today was such a bonus. Even the Chocolate Horse Tablets were better. Better, not tasty, so don’t get me wrong there.

Overall, today I definitely had more energy, and I so looked forward to my real lunch. I chewed it so slowly, it must have taken me 20 minutes to eat it. The exercise was also a lot more enjoyable. I wasn’t hungry and suffering at the end. Looks like my body has adapted to the diet finally. Although I don’t feel hungry, I definitely don’t feel fulfilled from any of my meals. A Feenies Foie Gras burger would so hit the spot right now.

Since my next 4 days will be the same routine, I’ll probably just update at the end of the night, unless something interesting comes up. Can’t wait to see how many inches will come off after the Shake Cycle is over.