Isagenix Cleanse Day 2 – Program Day 4

I woke up this morning quite well rested. It only took me a few minutes to shake off the cobwebs from my sleep, and I didn’t feel like I needed a coffee at all. I’m a little hungry now, but I took down the Vile Liquid Concoction, horse tablet, and a lot of water along with my Mr. Gassy Isagenix Accelerator Pill.

Couple pieces of advice for other people on this program:

1. Do not brush your teeth before taking any of this stuff. It’s worse than having a beer after brushing your teeth.

2. Chew the horse tablet while drinking the Vile Cleansing Stuff. The two wrongs seem to cancel eachother out a bit.

I know you guys didn’t want to hear this, but I’ll try to put it in a way that isn’t as offensive. You know when you clean out the rain gutters on your house after neglecting them for years? That’s what the bowel movement today felt like and looked like. I’m one dirty kid, but it seems that I’m cleaner as a result of this program.