Isagenix Cleanse Day 1 – Program Day 3 – End of Day Recap

So today was my very first day doing the full cleanse. I had no sensible meal, no shakes (actually, that wasn’t such a bad thing), and had to substitute those things for vile liquid concoctions taken four times today. The only real solid food I had was about 8 almonds and 2 hardboiled eggs. I am very glad that I did the day 1 and day 2 of the pre-cleanse before doing a full cleanse. This was such a shock to my body.

I’ve managed to shake off the caffeine headaches finally, but I’ve been struggling with not having any real food and my exercise. My run today was quite an ordeal. Halfway through my 4K, I lost energy and had to walk at the turn around point. My stomach was just growling like crazy. I knew the “Horse Tablets” wouldn’t do it, so I went for a boiled egg and two almonds. That helped for a bit, but I was hungry very shortly after. I think I can correct the energy problem with some of the energy crystals they pack with the program. They recommend that you use it with the cleanse liquid (aka Vile Liquid Concoction). I’ll sprinkle some of that in before my run tomorrow, but I’m not sure if I can handle the hunger pains after. Maybe my body will adapt as it has over the last couple days.

I’m hoping that my coach will have some other exercise suggestions because the run really sucked. I can normally run, no problem, but without real food, I was toast. The day I did the circuit training indoors was fine so hopefully that’s an OK thing to do during the program.

I guess the crowning achievement of today was finding out I lost 7 lbs and a total of 15.2 inches off my total. Goodnight!