Isagenix Cleanse Day 2 – Program Day 4 – End of Day Recap

So today I got the Chocolate Flavour of the Isagenix Cleanse Kit. In fact, it looks like I got sent a full back to back cleanse kit. I was pretty sure I ordered a 9 day kit only, but it looks like double the stuff came. Guess I’m doing this whole thing again sometime in the future!

The chocolate horse tablets taste a helluva lot better than those god awful vanilla ones. Tossing one of those chocolate ones in my mouth with a couple almonds almost makes it taste like a brownie with nuts! So life got better on the cleanse right there.

Tomorrow, I’ll get to check out the chocolate shakes as we go off the Full Cleanse tomorrow for a couple days. I also get to take measurements again tomorrow and weigh in to see how I’m doing after the full 2 day cleanse. Originally, I was supposed to take measurements on the 1st, 3rd, 7th and 10th day, but because I did the Pre-Cleanse, I tacked on two extra days, which threw me off there. So yes, you will get a weight and measurement update in the morning.

Overall, today went a lot better than yesterday. I definitely had a bit more energy, and I wasn’t starving as badly. I did get some direction from my coach on the exercise I was supposed to do, and she recommended that on Full Cleanse Days that I take it easy as my run didn’t go so hot the other day. Well, I just did some indoor exercises like situps, push ups, calve raises, and anything else I could think of for 20 minutes.

Short update this evening…err…morning…why am I still up? Goodnight!